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Main office:

Feuchtwanger Zeisig
Sommerauer Strasse 9
D-91555 Feuchtwangen

Fon: 0049 - (0)9852 - 4043
Fax: 0049 - (0)9852 - 4577

Mail: scharnagel.coaches@t-online.de


Rothenburger Reisedienst
Spitalgasse 55
D-91541 Rothenburg o.d.T.

Fon: 0049 - (0)9861 - 4622
Fax: 0049 - (0)9852 - 4577


The bus and coach company "Fa. Scharnagel" is situated in Southern Germany, in the north of Bavaria, directly at the “Romantic Road” with its main office in Feuchtwangen and a branch in Rothenburg o.d.T.

The family-run business was founded in 1929 by Mr. Franz Scharnagel, the grand-father of the present owner Mr. Markus Dobisch.

It was started as a transport and removal firm with lorries and busses – therefore transporting everything from goods to furniture to cattle - or even to passengers.

The change to today´s modern bus and coach company took place within the course of three generations and the changing demands of society.

Our company has been and still is member of the “Union of Bavarian Bus Entrepreneurs” and the “National Union of German Bus Entrepreneurs” – since over 50 years.

If you want to know more about the business development of the Fa. Scharnagel just have a look under History.

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